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Keep it simple


Thakoon Addition boat neck shirt
$290 – lagarconne.com

True Religion faded jeans
€335 – shopmrsh.com

Jessica Simpson ankle strap heels
$100 – heels.com

Hermes leather bag

Vintage chanel jewelry
$2,545 – stylebop.com

Robert Indiana Love Paper Weight
€90 – download.colette.fr
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Birkin on a Budget

Ever since seeing that episode of Sex in the City as a little girl, where Samantha uses the name of Lucy Liu to bump herself up on the wait list at Hermes, I became obsessed. At that very moment I was exposed to the Birkin, a pivotal moment in every fashionistas life, that in some way changes the way you ever look at a handbag ever again. The holy grail of all purses, the ultimate status symbol, the pure manifestation of luxury and unequivocal trump card at any shi-shi cocktail party, The Birkin.

We all dream of one day owning one, whether you even like its aesthetic or not, if you can afford a $20,000 purse you’ve risen to the top of the fashion food chain (and ultimate frivolity). But if you’re merely a simple commoner like I, you are not in the financial position to snort away your life savings at Hermes. SO I have been on the search for the handbag that combines the divine architecture and iconic hardware of the Birkin at an affordable price. Here are a few of the frontliners i have found.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen better, or better yet cheaper?

ALDO Shoes “Desrochers” $50.00

Town Shoes “La Diva” $158.00

lulus.com “What’s up Doc?” $42.00

baginc.com “The Essential Jane Bag” $159.00

Michael Kors “Hamilton Tote” $348.00

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