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The Wang Woman

The Wang Woman

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Hippe Living

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Dear Santa…

I’ve decided to cut Santa some slack in this economy so I have put together my “Christmas WANT List” and underneath is my “Christmas WISH List”. I’ll settle for either =)

I want! $

I wish! $$$

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“IT BAG” of the moment

It looks like the Speedy craze is finally coming to an end, or at least hibernating again, while a new bag has emerged, the “Rocco Duffle” by the very talented Alexander Wang. I may be somewhat bias because of my LOVE for Alexander Wang, but this top handle duffle tote is conservative with its simple architecture and classic, pebbled leather, but also exudes badass confidence as soon as you turn it over.
Its’ pale gold studded hardware underneath, add the perfect pop of colour and uniqueness.

Celebrities everywhere have been caught carrying this bag and you can carry it too for just $1025.00 HERE! but if your’e poor like me then you’re in luck because i’ve discovered a perfect alternative for you budget queens. The “Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag” you can find at http://www.baginc.com for a more modest price of $149.00. Both bags are genuine leather and virtually impossible to tell apart.

Can you tell which ones which???

     “Alexa Studded Calfskin Leather Bag”                                                “Rocco Mini Duffle”

Here are some pictures of celebs carrying ROCCO <3

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