6 MAJOR Disappointments in 2011: Pop Culture Edition

1. Kim kardashian wedding/Divorce fiasco

rolls eyes…#PREDICTABLE

2. Lindsay Lohan playboy shoot

She’s already done the Marilyn Monroe thing. We’ve already seen her boobs in various wardrobe malfunctions, previous photo shoots and her appearance in Machete. For 1 million dollars we all expected vag. #LIMP

3. Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s Timeline concept is just another annoying change that they’ve put into place to stay relevant. It’s stupid and complicated and serves no purpose but to elevate levels of  stalking. If I click on friends profile and I see that they’ve adopted this “Timeline” I just  don’t even bother, it’s too confusing and it’s not interesting enough for me to learn. #UNNECESSARY #UNLIKE

4. Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People 

The Kardashians? Simon Cowell? Katy Perry? PIPPA MIDDLETON? #IRRELEVANT

5. Versace collection for H&M

Unlike previous years where Lanvin and Jimmy Choo were sold out in a matter of 24 hours, 3 months after the Versace collection for H&M hit stores, racks still remain scattered with remnants of the awful collection.  It looks like a cross between a Japanese anime costume and an 80’s miami cougar. Not to mention the vibrant colour palette in mid September? Wtf was Donatella thinking. #FLOP

6. Two and a Half Men’s Ashton Kutcher

From mediocre to completely lame, Two and a Half Men has lost any tolerability and the last thing they needed was a Kelso. #SLOPPYSECONDS

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